Introduction to Advent with Tim Schenck

Advent is a season of preparation and anticipation that readies Christians for the birth of the baby Jesus at Christmas and also for Christ's second coming. In this course we will learn not just more about what advent is, but how it can change our lives.

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About this course

Advent is a season of great anticipation, both inside and outside of the Church. While the world around us shops, cooks, and prepares for December 25, Christians have their own way of anticipating the birth of Jesus.

In this class, Episcopal priest and author Tim Schenck will open up our imaginations to the magic of this holy time of year. In this class, we will learn:

  • What is Advent?
  • What are the themes of Advent?
  • Main characters of Advent
  • How should we observe Advent in Church and at Home

Tim Schenck has just published a new book with our partners Forward Movement, called A Dog in the Manger. This course is appropriate for those who are new to the church year, as well as those who are familiar, but are looking for a refresher.

Course Path Overview

  • Getting Started

    • Welcome to Introduction to Advent with Tim Schenck

      • read Introduction to Advent
      • to-do Update Your Student Profile
      • to-do Introduce Yourself
  • What Is Advent?

    • Lesson One: What Is Advent?

      • read Introduction: What Is Advent?
      • watch What Is Advent? (4:49)
      • Take Lesson One Self-Assessment
      • to-do Discussion: What is Advent?
  • Themes of Advent

    • Lesson Two: Themes of Advent

      • read Introduction: Themes of Advent
      • watch Themes of Advent (6:17)
      • Take Lesson Two Self-Assessment
      • to-do Discussion: Themes of Advent
  • Main Characters of the Season

    • Lesson Three: Main Characters of the Season

      • read Introduction: Main Characters of the Season
      • watch Main Characters of the Season (5:03)
      • Take Lesson Three Self-Assessment
      • to-do Discussion: Main Characters of the Season
  • Commemorating Advent

    • Lesson Four: Commemorating Advent

      • read Introduction: Commemorating Advent
      • watch Commemorating Advent (5:06)
      • Take Lesson Four Self-Assessment
      • to-do Discussion: Commemorating Advent
      • to-do Next Steps with Advent
      • Take Evaluate: Help us make your learning and our courses better