How to Be a Crazy Christian with Michael Curry

This is a course with a warning label: All who enter here, expect to be transformed. Episcopal bishop Michael Curry is an inspiring and enthusiastic reformer with a clear call to reinvigorate the Church. Many people have experienced Christ's transforming power through Bishop Curry's ministry.

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About this course

Garrison Keillor once said going to church makes someone a Christian about as much as sitting in a garage makes someone a Chevrolet. Bishop Michael Curry, of the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina has a heart for reawakening believers to the tremendous gift and challenge of giving our all to follow Jesus. His term for this kind of person is a Crazy Christian.

In this 45 minute class, Bishop Curry will tell us:

  • What Is a Crazy Christian?
  • Why Being a Crazy Christian is Easy - and Hard
  • Habits of a Crazy Christian
  • Giving Yourself Permission

This course is ideal for those who are looking to be encouraged and challenged in their Christian faith.

Course Path Overview

  • Getting Started

    • Welcome to How to Be a Crazy Christian

      • read Introduction
      • to-do Update Your Student Profile
      • to-do Introduce Yourself
      • Take One Question Before We Begin
  • What Is a Crazy Christian?

    • Lesson One: What Is a Crazy Christian?

      • read Introduction: What Is A Crazy Christian?
      • watch What Is a Crazy Christian? (5:22)
      • Take Lesson One Self-Assessment
      • to-do Discussion: What Is A Crazy Christian?
  • It’s Easy - and It’s Hard

    • Lesson Two: It’s Easy — and It’s Hard

      • read Introduction: It’s Easy — and It’s Hard
      • watch It’s Easy - and It’s Hard (5:39)
      • Take Lesson Two Self-Assessment
      • to-do Discussion: It’s Easy — and It’s Hard
  • Habits of a Crazy Christian

    • Lesson Three: Habits of a Crazy Christian

      • read Introduction: Habits of a Crazy Christian
      • watch Habits of a Crazy Christian (5:27)
      • Take Lesson Three Self-Assessment
      • to-do Discussion: Habits of a Crazy Christian
  • Embracing Crazy Hope

    • Lesson Four: Embracing Crazy Hope

      • read Introduction: Embracing Crazy Hope
      • watch Embracing Crazy Hope (6:03)
      • Take Lesson Four Self-Assessment
      • to-do Discussion: Embracing Crazy Hope
      • to-do Continuing the Journey
      • Take Evaluate: Help us make your learning and our courses better